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Compassionate Veterinary Services

The doctors and staff understand that the medicine we provide is not our purpose, but rather it serves as the means for our ultimate purpose of improving and supporting the physical and emotional health of your pet and strengthening the bond and relationship between pets and the people who love them. We are about building relationships. We take the time to get to know you and your pet and learn about your concerns and desires for your pet.

Special care for your furry family members

Preventative Care

The first step and the basis for a healthy life for your pet is wellness and preventative care, very much like it is for humans. Vaccinations, dental care, weight management, emotional & behavioral health, and exercise are all important for you and your pet. We provide education and reference material for you on the different aspects of preventative care as well as what you can do at home to maintain pet health. Just ask!

Diagnostic Services

It is awful when the one you love and care for is sick. Our staff and doctors will take the time to listen and ask the right questions as they examine your pet. We strive to practice thorough and practical medicine, providing you with a logical step wise diagnostic plan complete with estimates of anticipated expenses.  Although our doctors and technical staff are our greatest asset, our practice is fully equipped with state-of-the art technology in digital radiography, in-house laboratory, ultrasound, laser therapy and more.

Compassionate Care

Medical & Surgical Services

Behavioral Modification Therapy

Having difficulty with your pet eliminating in the house?  Every wonder why your pet doesn’t play nicely with others? Are you worried about what you might find chewed up or damaged when you return home?  These and many other issues are common problems that can arise when living with a furry companion.

Our practice provides consultation services such as house/ crate training, appropriate play, litter box care, scratching/ nail care, social skills and advice for caring and living with pets starting from the first day of adoption to the last days their blessed lives.  We also provide individual therapy involving complicated and serious behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, thunderstorm/ noise phobias aggression and other behavioral challenges.


Our surgical arena is equipped to provide the greatest comfort and safety for your pet while employing the most current surgical procedures within a general medical practice setting.  Patient comfort (physical and emotional) and safety are our main concerns employing the most current medical equipment and technology such as individualized patient monitoring. All surgeries are performed using carbon dioxide laser which results in less bleeding, swelling and pain experienced by the patients. We provide general surgery and reproductive surgery, while the most complex surgical patients are referred to a board certified surgeon.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a treatment that stimulates cells to promote healing and relieve pain. We use it to treat your furry friend’s arthritis, soft tissue injury, wounds, muscle or tendon problems, and much more. The main benefit is the advanced healing properties that alleviate pain.


We offer short and long term care for both dogs and cats.  Our specialty is caring for those pets who have extra care needs such as patients with diabetes, advanced osteoarthritis, special dietary restrictions and even advanced age pets.  Individual attention from our technical staff ensures their comfort during their stay and you can take comfort in knowing that your companion is in good hands.

Other Services

Other services provided by Advanced Animal Care of Mt. Pleasant include, but are not limited to:

  • General and Preventative Dentistry
  • Terminal/End-of-Life Assistance
  • Dietary/Nutritional Consultation
  • Chronic Illness Management

Ask for more information at your visit, or feel free to call us any time!


At times, our patients need medical care that is beyond the scope of our practice. We are fortunate to have several practices within our area that provide a multitude of specialized services and we are happy to have a close working relationship with them.


Make an appointment for your pet today. We would love for your family to be part of our family. Call 843-884-9838 or contact us.

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